How to Play Fantasy Olympian 2014


We have had a lot of questions about how exactly to play the Fantasy Olympian game on the new site, so here is a step-by-step guide to Fantasy Olympian 2014.

Step 1: Register for the site.  In order to participate in our game this year, you'll have to be a registered user.  We'll only use your e-mail address for registration purposes and to contact you about the game.  For more detailed information about how your information will be used, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Step2: Create or join a league.  If you have been invited to join a league, all you have to do is create your team.  If you will be the commissioner of a new league, just create the league and send out invites to the rest of your league.

Step 3: Set a draft order.  Once everyone has registered for your league (but not before!), the commissioner should click on the "Draft Order" button.  The commissioner will then have the opportunity to generate a random draft order or enter a pre-determined draft order.  But again, this should not be done until everyone has joined your league -- once you set a draft order, it cannot be reversed and new teams cannot be added.

Step 4: Conduct a draft.  There are two ways to hold your draft: either use our site to conduct an automatic draft or hold an offline draft.  In either case, the draft can happen whenever you want (as long as it happens before the Games begin).  If you do an automated draft, the commissioner simply needs to click "Draft" under the league settings, then "Run" each draft round by clicking the appropriate button.  If you do a manual draft, the commissioner will need to enter the draft results by clicking "Draft," clicking on the "Manual draft" tab, and inputting the draft results.

  • Automated draft.  If you do an automated draft, all league participants can influence the outcome of the draft by pre-ranking their athletes on their individual team pages.  But if they do not pre-rank the athletes (or if they do not pre-rank enough athletes to complete the draft), the automatic draft will default to the best available athlete according to our predicted medal totals.
  • Offline draft.  If you do an offline draft, you'll need to keep track of the selections on your own.  But our athlete list can be used as a guide.  You can view the entire athlete list in alphabetical order (sortable by nation and by sport) in our "Athletes" tab and from that tab you can download it in spreadsheet form (to use/sort/organize however you wish to facilitate your draft).  You can also view the entire athlete list ranked by predicted point totals in your team settings.

Once your draft has been done and (if it was an offline draft)  the results have been entered, you are ready to play Fantasy Olympian 2014.  Hopefully this summary is helpful -- feel free to contact us if you have additional questions and good luck!