Fantasy Olympian Draft Tips

Jeremy Bridgman

With the qualifiers completed and the Olympic teams announced, our athlete list will be coming out very soon. That means you can start drafting! New to Fantasy Olympian or just need a refresher? Here are some tips on taking home the gold in your league!

DON'T get fooled by NBC into thinking the only athletes that matter are on Team USA. To be sure, we've got some great athletes who will deliver memorable performances, but they won't be the only ones. In the Winter Olympics, the highest scoring athletes usually come from other countries.

DO pay attention to events you do not usually watch. Biathlon and cross-country skiing do not normally get slots in primetime, but the top few athletes on our big board will all be from those events.

DON'T be fooled into drafting a one-event athlete or team too early. Let's say you are CERTAIN that the Canadian hockey team is winning gold this year. Great -- that's three points. You're going to need a lot more than that to...

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Let the 2018 Games Begin!

Jeremy Bridgman

Welcome to Fantasy Olympian! We’ve had a busy offseason sine the Rio Games, but we are actively accepting new teams and leagues for the PyeongChang Games, which has its Opening Ceremony on February 9, 2018.

If you are new to Fantasy Olympian, we are glad you found us -- now in our 12th year! We've been doing this since 2006 and have gotten bigger every Olympic cycle. If you are returning, welcome back! We hope you like our new look and more user friendly drafting page. We're thankful to Steve Hammond, Nat Budin and Amy Newell for continuing to improve the site, and to Nicole Brazio for our new logo.

For the new and old alike, here's what to expect:

1.  Registering Your Team and/or League

If you have not done so before, start by registering with Past users can use their logins from 2016. As we have spelled out in greater detail in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we will not use your information for any purpose other...

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Draft Diary for 2012

Steven Hammond

7:30 p.m.  We are coming to you live from Fantasy Olympian headquarters here in Chicago, with draft participants joining in from New York, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  Shout-out to AOL Instant Messenger, which we are using for our draft.  It feels like college again!  "Is this for real? Click '1' if yes. OMG!"

This is the official draft of the Fantasy Olympian Commitee, which consists of the four original Fantasy Olympians who started the game in 2006 and their closest friends.  Among the group we have several league and overall champions from past Olympics, so theoretically, we should know what we are doing -- assuming we can remember our AIM passwords to get online.

7:31 p.m.  We just had our first Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno joke.  WAY too soon... and not suitable for publication. Let's just move on...

7:37 p.m.  No surprise... Phelps, Lochte and Franklin are quickly off the board, in that order.  Our Athlete List...

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Draft Tips

Steven Hammond

1.  It's a three-player draft:  Can you win without one of the first three picks in your draft? Yes -- several people won their leagues in 2008 without Michael Phelps.  But it will be a lot easier if you can draft Phelps, Ryan Lochte or Missy "The Missile" Franklin.  Each of them is projected to win 7 medals, making them likely to score at least 10 more points than the fourth pick.  It could be a huge advantage.  It's a no-brainer that these should be the first three picks -- the only question is what the order should be.  The Phelps-Lochte showdown has been well-publicized.  If you have a strong feeling about who is likely to come out on top in London, take him No. 1.  But if you think they might split the golds, you should consider taking Franklin first.

2.  When in doubt, pick a swimmer early:  It's no coincidence that 12 of the top 30 picks on our draft board are swimmers.  The USA Swimming Team is...

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