NBC's Five Big Blunders in the First Three Days

Steven Hammond

Let's start with this -- I'm not anti-NBC, anti-media, or anti-Bob Costas. I know a lot of people like to take shots at the flowery puff pieces and the overall presentation, but I really don't mind that stuff. I actually kind of like learning a bit about the athletes. But at this Olympics, NBC had made so many bad strategic decisions that they are making Chik-Fil-A's marketing guy look like Don Draper. We've only had three days of action, and already FIVE major blunders. 

5. Refusing to show the Opening Ceremonies live:  Americans couldn't even watch the Opening Ceremonies online. The Opening Ceremonies are supposed to be a worldwide showing of unity and a global celebration of sports. But the residents of one of the foremost Olympic nations can't watch live? Are we in North Korea?
4. "Live" streaming of marquis events: Judging from Twitter and Facebook, I'm not alone here. Thousands of Americans have...

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