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Image by Patrick Hui from Whistler, BC, Canada.

2020 Fantasy Olympian Rules

Welcome to Fantasy Olympian, where we make you part of the action at each Winter and Summer Games. Here’s how we run our game:

  1. Each team shall consist of 10 American athletes and 1 tiebreaker country.
  2. Each league in the competition should have 10 teams. You are welcome to form and manage a league of any size up to 10 teams, but leagues with fewer teams will not be eligible for the overall title.
  3. The league’s winner will be the team manager with the most points at the end of the Games. Points will be assigned as follows: 3 points for a gold medal, 2 points for a silver medal, and 1 point for a bronze medal. Each manager’s final score will be the aggregate score from his or her athletes.
  4. Each league should conduct its own draft. Team managers can use the site to enter their choices and the draft can be done automatically, or the league commissioner can enter the draft results on the site. If you fail to enter the draft results before the Games begin, we cannot guarantee accurate scoring.
  5. Draft order should be determined by a random draw and proceed as a snake draft (i.e., Round 1 will go in order from 1-10, Round 2 from 10-1, Round 3 from 1-10, and so on). Each player gets one pick per round, for a total of 11 rounds.
  6. Each player will select a total of 10 American athletes. Any athletes not drafted will be deemed Free Agents. A manager may add, drop or trade athletes through his or her first event. Whoever holds the athlete at the time of his or her first event is locked in and cannot remove the athlete from the roster.
  7. Each player will select 1 country whose gold medal count will be used to determine a winner, in the event of a tie among two or more players' aggregate scores. If the country’s gold medal count fails to break the tie, then the silver count, and finally the bronze count, will be used. A player may draft a tiebreaker country in any round, but remember that the medals won by that country will only come into play in the event of a tie.
  8. If an athlete competes in both individual and team events (for example, swimming), that athlete can be selected as an individual, earning medals for both the individual and group relay events — the swimming relay team cannot be selected as a unit. If, however, medals in an event are only awarded on a team-by-team basis (for example, basketball), only the team can be selected. Once a team has been selected in a league, no other manager in that league can select that team.
  9. Medal counts will be updated daily (or as soon as possible). There will not be live scoring to prevent any spoilers and because we’re doing this out of love for the games.
  10. We will crown an overall champion for all leagues conforming to the uniform requirements above. The prize will remain the same as in the past: unending respect and admiration, and maybe a free drink from the other participants the next time you see them.

That’s it! Follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook for Olympics news, analysis, draft advice and commentary. Good luck, happy drafting, and enjoy the games everyone…